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ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast

Apr 25, 2018

Co-host Lynne Edris welcomes Attention Coach Jeff Copper to the show to discuss challenges with working memory in adults with ADHD / ADD. Jeff shares an enlightening working memory exercise to help you understand how your memory might be impeding your performance on a daily basis.

Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, is an attention coach and expert on attention and attention deficit disorder or ADHD. As founder of DIG Coaching Practice, Jeff coaches individuals and entrepreneurs with ADD/ADHD symptoms who are seeking to improve personal and professional results. He helps others to overcome information overload, chronic disorganization, time management problems, impulsivity, and other ADHD /ADD related conditions that may hinder advancement.

As someone who has had to learn to manage attention and deal with his own challenges, Jeff’s mission is to help you to understand yourself and how your mind works. His anatomy of attention construct helps people with ADHD and other attention challenges to regain control of their attention and move past the barriers that are impeding their focus so that they can achieve what they are capable of faster and with less stress and create the environments they need to be more productive.

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Coach Lynne Edris helps distracted professionals overcome overwhelm by reducing procrastination and improving time management so they have more time, more energy, and more money for what they love most!

As a woman with ADHD herself, she has been where her clients are and come out the other side, so to speak. She’s gone from living in a constant state of chaos and under-performance to a life full of success and fulfillment! Learn more about Lynne at and text keyword “HACK” to 444999 to get her 7 Fool-Proof Productivity Hacks for unfocused professionals!