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ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast

May 9, 2020

Many people with ADHD have a strong aversion to paying real attention to their own processes and thinking. This avoidance of self-awareness becomes a blind spot that keeps them from reaching meaningful solutions.

Without tracking their own intentions and results -- especially the "failures" -- people never gain self-awareness beyond a superficial level. So they continuously get tripped up over the same issues time and again. They can spend years grabbing at tactics but never gaining understanding of why they can't get those tactics to work.

Unfortunately, the more "answers" that people search for, the more they can feel like failures when those answers don't work out.

Bonnie Mincu, founder of “Thrive with ADD” is a Senior Certified ADHD Coach for Attention Deficit Disorder Adults. Bonnie became an ADHD Coach following 20+ years in corporate management, coaching, training and consulting. After leaving her position with a large consulting firm in 1999, she discovered that without the fast-paced structure and deadlines she was accustomed to, she was having trouble focusing on building her business. That’s when she found out she had ADD, and began advanced training in ADD Coaching. She formed her coaching and training company “Thrive with ADD” in 2001 to provide solutions for ADD Adults. Bonnie’s 5-minute online video, “The Attention Movie,” has touched people around the globe. She has developed learning resources on numerous Adult ADHD topics, including the in-depth “Procrastination Transformation” virtual workshop that spans several weeks. She has created a “Self-Coaching Workshop” of workbook and CD’s and has taught her Thrive with ADD at Work seminar at New York University annually since 2004. In true ADD fashion, Bonnie has had several careers prior to founding “Thrive with ADD,” spanning Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial start-ups and non-profits

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ADHD Support Talk Radio is an award winning Podcast for Adults with ADD / ADHD. Co-hosts Tara McGillicuddy and Lynne Edris are joined by Adult ADHD experts and they cover important topics related to Adult ADD / ADHD. Podcast guests include Dr. Edward Hallowell, Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, Dr. Ari Tuckman, Laurie Dupar, Terry Matlen and many more.

Tara McGillicuddy is the Producer, Owner and Co-host of the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast. You may contact Tara with general questions or feedback about the podcast.

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