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ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast

Jan 25, 2011

Join Tara as she welcomes Linda Hillger to discuss the importance of planning and organizing in order to eat healthy.

Jan 18, 2011

Is the thought of falling asleep easily, staying asleep through the entire night and waking up without an issue simply, well, a dream for you or someone you love with ADD / ADHD? Make sure and tune in as I welcome Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D. and we turn our discussion to some of the problems people with ADD / ADHD have...

Jan 11, 2011

Did you make a resolution to exercise and get healthy this year? Have you made this promise to yourself that before, only to lose your way and then give up completely in frustration? If this sounds like you, join me as I welcome Coach Ronda Stone to discuss how to stay on track with your exercise program in the new year...