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ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast

Jan 30, 2020

Procrastination and struggles with memory are hallmark characteristics of adults with ADHD. Co-host Lynne Edris talks about why understanding procrastination matters, and strategic solutions versus values solutions.

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Jan 15, 2020

While living with ADHD/ADD is often frustrating and exhausting and defeating at times, acknowledging and paying attention to our positive characteristics and our strengths is an essential part of learning to manage our shortcomings. In this episode, co-host Lynne Edris talks about having a balanced perspective in how we...

Jan 9, 2020

In this podcast episode co-host Tara McGillicuddy talks about the importance of owning your truth and being realistic when you have ADD / ADHD. When you have ADHD being truthful about yourself is key to moving forward and making changes in your life. Tara also shares some examples of how owning your truth and being...