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ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast

Jun 23, 2018

For some adults with ADHD who make the decision to include medication as part of their treatment, actually getting the medication and taking it regularly can be a problem on its own. In this podcast episode, Productivity & ADD Coach Lynne Edris talks with Lauri Dupar about the difficulties adults with ADHD may encounter...

Jun 8, 2018

Tara McGillicuddy talks about the Body Double Concept for ADHD. The Body Double Concept is a great strategy to increase focus and productivity. Tara talks about using an in person physical body double and a virtual body double. 

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Jun 1, 2018

 Procrastination , Distractions and Interruptions are Time Management Roadblocks. Laura Rolands joins Tara McGillicuddy on this episode of ADHD Support Talk Radio. Laura and Tara will discuss Time Management Roadblocks and Adult ADD / ADHD.

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