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ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast

May 31, 2019

Overwhelm is an epidemic, especially for adults with ADHD /  ADD. Co-host Lynne Edris talks about the root of overwhelm, and the antidote, and shares some simple strategies for improving productivity and keeping overwhelm at bay.

ADHD Support Talk Radio is an award winning Podcast for Adults with ADD / ADHD....

May 22, 2019

In this episode Tara McGillicuddy talks to James Ochoa about debilitating emotional and mental distress of ADHD and how it can develop into a low grade PTSD or"Emotional Distress Syndrome". James provides strategies to learn how to navigate life in an empowered way by resetting and creating ways to develop...

May 9, 2019

Our thinking can make our break our ability to be successful with adult ADHD / ADD. Coach Maddy Cote joins co-host Lynne Edris to talk about some common ADHD thinking traps that may be holding you back, and give you some strategies to bust yourself out of them!
This podcast episode originally aired on 5/9/2019.


May 2, 2019

Tara McGillicuddy discusses the concept of micro-changes with Casey Dixon on this episode of the ADHD Support Talk Radio podcast. Casey shares how making tiny changes can help you in a HUGE way. She gives examples of micro-changes adults with ADHD can implement in their own lives with immediate results.

This interview...