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ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast

Jan 25, 2019

It’s impossible to manage your ADHD challenges and start to perform at the level of your abilities until you understand your ADHD brain and why you struggle where you do. Co-host Lynne Edris is back to tell you the 3 Things You Need to know about your ADHD brain. She explains the role of attention and ADHD, how...

Jan 19, 2019

Tara McGillicuddy and Linda Hillger discuss how to Overcome Overload and Over Stimulation with ADD / ADHD. Linda share"s a "cheat" to get past overload and over stimulation.  She also talks a bit about the upcoming Adult ADD BootCamp | Organized and In Control.

For over 20 years, Linda has been coaching and...

Jan 12, 2019

Linda Hillger joins Tara McGillicuddy this week on ADHD Support Talk Radio. Tara and Linda will be discussing some important issues related to being Disorganized, Stressed and Frustrated with Adult ADD / ADHD.

Learn more about the Adult ADDBootCamp at:

ADHD Support Talk Radio is...

Jan 10, 2019

Co-host Lynne Edris talks about the common struggle with self-image in adults with ADHD ADD that comes from comparing ourselves to others and our own negative self-talk.

This podcast episode originally aired on 1/10/2019.

Coach Lynne Edris helps distracted professionals overcome overwhelm by reducing procrastination...